Green Ombré Nails

At last! I was able to post another nail art. Since the sponge technique is easy to do, I was able to squeeze it in my hectic schedule. So yeah, if you missed my tutorial about Ombré nails, just click HERE. Enjoy! 🙂

Green Ombré Nails


Tutorial: Gingerbread Man Nail Art

Just a few more hours ’til Christmas! At this time, everyone’s busy cooking/buying their favorite Christmas food for Noche Buena (in the Philippines)! And speaking of food, one that reminds me of Christmas is the Gingerbread man! Since it’s not common here, let’s put it on our nails! 🙂


(Image source:

I chose the Gingerbread man design since Caronia Philippines gave me samples of their Holiday collection, which I will be reviewing soon. Thank you so much for your generosity.


What you need:

1. Nail Polish (White, Green, Brown/Taupe/Nude, Red, Creme)

Caronia Miss Mystic

2. Dotting tool/Toothpick

3. Cotton Buds

4. Acetone/Nail Polish remover

5. Christmas songs! 🙂


1. Apply your base coat. I used Caronia in Taupe. Two coats will do. LET IT DRY.

Caronia in Taupe

2. With your dotting tool/toothpick, apply red (Caronia in Rouge) dots vertically. This will serve as the Gingerbread man’s buttons.


3. To make a ribbon, use your dotting tool/toothpick as well. Apply two green (Caronia in Moss) dots vertically on the upper portion of the nail, leaving a small space in between them. Apply a smaller dot on the space.

Christmas Nail Art4. Apply steps 2 and 3 on your pinky, middle, index and thumb. Leave your pinky finger because we’ll be making the Gingerbread man’s face there. 🙂

5. Make a smiley using you white nail polish and your dotting tool on your pinky finger.

6. With your Creme nail polish, (Caronia in Joy) make an outline using a toothpick/dotting tool. This will highlight the head part. (Sorry for the gold tinge on my cuticle part. I originally used that color for the outline and it didn’t work.)

Gingerbread man Nail Art

7. Top coat if you want to protect your design.

8. Voilà! A yummy nail art for the Christmas season!

Gingerbread man Nail Art

Gingerbread man Nail Art

I hope you liked my tutorial and design. Feel free to share your thoughts about nail art! 🙂


Merry Christmas! God loves you!

Tutorial: Christmas Lights Nail Art

A few days ago, I went to Ayala Triangle Makati to witness the Musical Christmas light show. Hence, it inspired me to look for a Christmas lights nail art.


Photo from:  Adventures Of A Lady Explorer

I chose this design by Polish and Konad since I bought a gold nail polish last week. Thank you for inspiring me. 🙂

ImageIn this tutorial, I used two nail art tools which were new to me. It’s my first time to use a nail art brush and an acrylic paint! So.. yey congratulations! If you’re ready, let’s start! 🙂


1. Glittery/Red/Green/White Nail Polish

2. Black acrylic paint

3. FIne nail art brush

4. Top Coat

5. Patience

6. Motor skills! 🙂

Nail Art materials for Christmas Nail Art


1. Apply your base coat with your Glittery nail polish. Two coats would do. LET IT DRY.

Caronia in Golden Sun

Caronia in Golden Sun

2. Using your fine nail art brush, dip the tip into your black acrylic paint.

Black acrylic paint for nails3. Draw lines. You could do wavy, diagonal or even straight lines. It’s better if you make them look connected to each other. This will serve as the wire of your Christmas lights. (BTW, my lines are too thick.)

Christmas lights nail art4. With the same kind of nail art brush (fine), dip it into your red nail polish. Make a circle and add a pointy part that would resemble a bulb.

Christmas lights nail art

OMG crystal sand nail polish in citrine

5. Do the same with your green nail polish (you could use orange/yellow/blue too!).

Christmas lights nail art

Caronia in Kiwi

6. Using your brush and a white anil polish, add small lines to the sides of your christmas lights to make it more realistic!

Christmas lights nail art

7. Top coat. TADA! And you’re done!

Christmas lights nail art

What do you guys think? Comments/suggestions are most welcome!

(I still need practice in using my nail art brushes! Agree?)

Tutorial: Let it Snow Nail Art

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

Since December is just around the corner, I might as well do a Christmas inspired nail art!

Let it Snow Nail Art

Let’s begin!


1. Nail Polish (white, natural, glittery, clear)

2. Sponge (kitchen/make up)

3. Toothpick

4. Scissors

5. Cotton Buds

6. Acetone

7. Christmas music! 🙂


1. Apply your base coat. I used a frosted/natural shade to match the ‘winter wonderland’ effect. One coat will do.


Caress in Touch of Taupe

2. Apply white nail polish on the sponge. You may create a pattern that resembles a pile of snow. 🙂 (Yes, that’s my pile of snow.)

Image3. Carefully dab the sponge on your nails.  (Sponge Technique)

Image4. Apply two times or apply it until you reach your desired shade.


5. Cut the pointy part of the toothpick. This will serve as your dotting tool.


6. Dip the toothpick in the white nail polish and apply it on your nails. Be random with the size and position of the dots.


7. LET IT DRY. I repeat, LET IT DRY. (Watch TV to kill time.)

8. To achieve a ‘magical/shimmery’ effect, apply your glittery nail polish on the sponge and REPEAT the ‘Sponge technique’, but on a smaller amount. (What I’ve noticed in using the sponge technique, you could use your sticky nail polish. Therefore, old/sticky nail polish wouldn’t be put to waste! 🙂 Great huh?)


Face Shop’s WH003

9. Using your cotton buds dipped in acetone/nail polish remover, remove excess nail polish on your fingers and cuticle.

10. LET IT DRY! (See that shimmery effect? HAHA!)

Let it Snow Nail Art

11. Apply top coat to protect your design. 🙂


Let it Snow Nail Art

Please don’t hesitate to post your comments and your work here on my blog. Also, if you have any nail art suggestions, please please tell me. I would do my best to recreate them.


Tutorial: Color Me Nail Art

I tried to recreate what I saw on the internet since I don’t have “professional tools” for nail art. (They used a fan brush HERE. So.. Toothpick nalang!) TADA!

Reminds me of Lisa Frank.

What you need:

1. Nail Polish (White and ROYGBV)

2. Toothpick (6pcs)

3. Topcoat (optional)


5. Happy thoughts :)


1. Top Coat with White Nail Polish (at least 2 coats) and let it dryI repeat, LET IT DRY. ‘Wag atat.

2. Dip one side of your toothpick on the desired color. You may dip it directly inside the bottle or pour some on a paper/plastic.

3. Carefully apply it on the nail, as if you’re drawing lines/coloring. I call this step “Drop and separate”. (Don’t panic when you put too much nail polish on your toothpick. You can separate and spread them on your nails.)

4. Do step 3 with the remaining colors.

5. Let it dry. Hipan. Top coat if you want.

6. Tada! You’re done! Take a photo of your work and Instagram it. Haha!

If you tried this tutorial, I would love if you send me a link of your work. :) Thank you!