Tutorial: Ombré Nail Art

According to yourdictionary.com:


(ämbrā, äm brā)


shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color


What you need:

1. 3 colors of Nail Polish (preferably colors that are of the same “family”)

2. Kitchen Sponge/Makeup Sponge

3. Cotton Buds

4. Acetone

5. Topcoat (optional)


1. Make sure your nails are clean.

2. Apply your base coat. I coat is enough since you’re gonna apply the same color later on the sponge. I prefer the lightest color among the 3. LET IT DRY.

3. Apply the chosen colors on the sponge (from light to dark). In this tutorial I used Face Shop’s BL603, Caress in Neon Blue and Blue Hawaii.

4. Dab the sponge carefully on your nails. You can do this 2 times or if you have reached your desired look.

5. Do the same steps with the rest of your nails.

6. Dip the cotton buds in the acetone bottle. Carefully clean the excess nail polish on your fingers and cuticle. (Usually the paint on your cuticle can be removed by taking a bath. haha!)

7. Voila! You’re done! You can apply Topcoat if you want to make it last longer.

8. Take a picture of your work and share it with us! : )

Comments/Suggestions are most welcome! 


4 thoughts on “Tutorial: Ombré Nail Art

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