Tutorial: Color Me Nail Art

I tried to recreate what I saw on the internet since I don’t have “professional tools” for nail art. (They used a fan brush HERE. So.. Toothpick nalang!) TADA!

Reminds me of Lisa Frank.

What you need:

1. Nail Polish (White and ROYGBV)

2. Toothpick (6pcs)

3. Topcoat (optional)


5. Happy thoughts :)


1. Top Coat with White Nail Polish (at least 2 coats) and let it dryI repeat, LET IT DRY. ‘Wag atat.

2. Dip one side of your toothpick on the desired color. You may dip it directly inside the bottle or pour some on a paper/plastic.

3. Carefully apply it on the nail, as if you’re drawing lines/coloring. I call this step “Drop and separate”. (Don’t panic when you put too much nail polish on your toothpick. You can separate and spread them on your nails.)

4. Do step 3 with the remaining colors.

5. Let it dry. Hipan. Top coat if you want.

6. Tada! You’re done! Take a photo of your work and Instagram it. Haha!

If you tried this tutorial, I would love if you send me a link of your work. :) Thank you!


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